Product / Service Categories

Some Example products I have made for Customers.  See my Facebook page for more examples.  Sadly, I cannot share many of my customer parts since I am under a Non Disclosure Agreement with them.


The Mt Dora sign shown was created from multi color layers in one print except for the art in the center.  This print takes several hours to print since there are multiple filament color changes during the process. The original public sign is shown.


The FitBit HR bezel shown above was created to replace a Fitbit that had a wristband failure.  The device at right is from a role playing game and was painted by one of my customers.  I printed all of the parts.

The replacement dryer knob was modeled, printed and replaced in one day.  The design is more robust (although not as nice looking) since it does not have the weak area around the drive shaft.

The color changing Mt Dora Bike Fest key tag was created for the 40th Annual Bike Festival volunteers.

The solar powered Snowman 2.0 above is about 9 inches tall and charges by day to glow at night.  The only snowman that loves the sun!  Comes apart for storage.